I can, I do and I did. But, so what? [My diary]

Last year, I had bad experience. Project manager frequently interrupted my word and denied my word. He sometimes said "Shut up. Do not speak." when I tried to help meeting speaker who struggled to Project manager's word. I finally became discouraged according to his rude attitude and I asked my boss about my left from his project.

As result of discussion with boss, I continued joining his project. My boss said, "You are necessary person in this project. Project manger thinks so also. He agreed to my word."
I know my boss is trusted person. But I didn't and don't agree about opinion about project manager.

But, the title of this article doesn't mean this disagreeable experience.

Recently, I had feedback meeting with my boss about my last year's work. Actually, my result is bad. I understand my boss rated my score basically my discouraged work style had bad effect to team and project. My boss said, "I know you can and do best work. So, you should do. OK?".
"OK." I answered.

Answer means "I swear". I shall do. Of course.
But, even though I can, my work skill didn't help me from project manager's rude attitude and won't help me.
So, I feel "I can. I did. I do. So, what? I just keep suffering."
I cannot control project manager's rude attitude. So, he keeps rude attitude when I tell my opinion about my work.
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